Manduka eKO Mat Review: eco-friendly, non-Amazon rubber mat

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Eco-friendly, non-Amazon rubber mat with a good grip and plenty of support

Manduka eKO is an eco-friendly, non-PVC yoga mat that balances high performance with Manduka’s signature comfort. This is a natural non-Amazon rubber mat with 5mm thickness, which is slightly thinner than Manduka PRO. Despite this, Manduka eKO is a very comfortable mat that has great padding and support for joints. The rubber ensures a better grip and stability than Manduka PRO, especially, for dry conditions. Like PRO, it requires a break-in period. Some yogis still find the mat quite slippery, especially, for hot yoga or when sweating. Manduka eKO has an extra, closed-cell layer on top of the mat to repel moisture and increase durability. Rubber mats typically shed quicker than PVC, and eKO’s extra layer definitely improves the mat’s resilience. Manduka states that eKO doesn’t contain toxic foaming agents or dyes, and that all post-production scrap is reutilised to reduce waste. It’s also 99% latex free, however, yogis with latex allergies may want to avoid this mat. Manduka eKO is one of the best mats on the market - it’s a good choice for those who love Manduka PRO’s thickness, but want a biodegradable mat with a better grip.

Grip and traction
Support and cushioning
Portability and weight
Value For Money
  • Biodegradable, non-Amazon tree rubber (although there is no information on where Manduka harvests its rubber)
  • Comfortable cushioning with ample joint support
  • More durable than standard rubber mats
  • Good grip and stability, especially, for dry conditions
  • Non-toxic foaming agents and dyes
  • Requires a break-in period and becomes more slippery in wet conditions
  • Emits rubber odour in the beginning
  • On the heavier side (Manduka offers travel-friendly eKO Lite and eKO SuperLite mats)
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Key characteristics of the Manduka PRO mat

  • Category: Yoga Mats
  • Material: Biodegradable, non-Amazon tree rubber base with a closed-cell layer on top, made from natural cotton and polyester. This top layer increases the mat’s durability and makes it last longer than standard rubber mats. Manduka eKO rubber is 99% later free and does not contain PVC or toxic plasticizers. All post-production scrap is collected and reused for the production of other materials.
  • Thickness: 5mm yoga mat
  • Length:
    Standard: 180cm x 66cm / 71” x 26”
    Long: 200cm x 66cm / 79” x 26”
  • Weight:
    Standard: 3.2kg / 7.0lbs
    Long: 3.6kg/ 8.0lbs
  • Made in Taiwan

Manduka Eko yoga mat review

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