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Very durable, extra thick yoga mat that takes time to break in

The Manduka PRO mat has a legendary reputation of the world’s best mat and the yoga teachers’ favorite. The mat is made from PVC, which is not biodegradable, but Manduka claims to produce the PVC in an environmentally-friendly and toxin-free way. Manduka PRO has a highly dense cushioning that provides extra support for knees and joints. It’s an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable padding. However, the mat is quite slippery at first and doesn’t have a good grip. According to Manduka, the traction improves with use over time, which some customers confirm and love how sticky the mat becomes once broken in. Many yogis still find the mat slippery after months of use, especially for more intense yoga styles or hot yoga (although Manduka claims that the mat is ideal for hot yoga due to its sweat and moisture repellent features). This 6mm yoga mat is one of the heaviest on the market with a weight of 3.4kg and it’s better suited for home practice. Manduka PRO is a very durable mat that can last for many years and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Grip and traction
Support and cushioning
Portability and weight
Value For Money
  • Highly dense cushioning for extra comfort and joint support
  • Very durable and long-lasting
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Value for money (no need to replace frequently)
  • Sweat and moisture repellant closed-cell surface
  • No odor
  • One of the heaviest mats on the market (Manduka has a travel-friendly ProLite version)
  • Rather slippery, especially, in the first few months
  • Requires a break-in period for a firmer grip
  • Not biodegradable, but Manduka also has an Eko range
  • Not ideal for hot yoga or heavy sweaters, unless you use a towel on top
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Key characteristics of the Manduka PRO mat

  • Category: Yoga mats
  • Materials: Mix of polyester and PVC. Manduka’s PVC is Oeko-Tex certified, which means it’s safe for humans. However, bear in mind that the production of PVC requires the use of stabilisers (metal compounds). The Oeko-Tex certification of the Manduka PRO mat means that the content is safe enough for humans, but not necessarily that it doesn’t contain small doses of harmful materials or chemicals. Manduka describes their manufacturing process as environmentally-friendly and emissions-free, although PVC is non-biodegradable. However, as the mat is very long-lasting and comes with a lifetime guarantee, Manduka claims to curb “the amount of PVC mats that enter landfills and reduce overall yoga mat consumption”. Manduka also offers an Eko series, which is PVC-free.
  • The Manduka PRO mat features a fabric-like closed-cell surface, which repels moisture and sweat.
  • Thickness: 6mm – a very thick mat with extra padding
  • Length: Standard: 180cm x 66cm / 71” x 26”
    Extra long: 215cm x 66cm / 85” x 26”
  • Weight: 3.4kg / 7.5lbs for standard size
    4kg / 9.5lbs for extra long
  • Made in Germany

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